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    How can I change the columns displayed on my site. I would like to remove the column “Total number of places”.

    Thank you.

    Fetch Designs

    You can remove columns in a couple ways…

    1. Remove using CSS
      This is probably the easiest although it should be noted that the column will still exist in your HTML code if someone is savvy enough to view the source code. However, it will be hidden from most users just browsing your site. You can add something like the style below to you theme. You might need to adjust this depending on the exact column you are trying to remove. I’m assuming you are referring to the column with the default English translation of “Open Spots”, but if you are looking to hide a different one you will need to check the CSS class on that particular column.

      .column-open_spots {
          display: none;
    2. Update the template file
      This requires copying over the template file from the plugin into your theme and making the changes you need.  Assuming you are referring to the “Open Spots” column on the sheet listing, you would follow the steps below. You can find more details on overriding template files at

      1. Copy the file wp-content/plugins/sign-up-sheets-pro/theme-files/fdsus/sheet-list.php to your theme which will be a path similar to… wp-content/themes/{your-theme}/fdsus/sheet-list.php
      2. Edit this file in your theme and remove the two lines in the table related to the “Open Spots” column
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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