Cleanup Git Branches Already Merged into Master

Here are some command line statements to help cleanup your branches. Clean remote git branches already merged into master Switch to master, fetch and pull the latest updates from master. List the branches about to be removed. Screen will display vi with list that can be edited and then saved with “:wq” to complete the […]

Setup Git on Remote Server

Rather than FTPing all your updates to your remote development or production server, you can also set up the server to access your remote Git repository and update the site with a simple git command. This way you will ensure all the files have been updated to the exact branch version needed.  Below are instructions […]

Tag Your Git Repo with Version

Git offers a feature called tagging which allows you to mark spots on your repository with version numbers so you can go back to specific versions easily. Add a Tag For example… The hash can also be left off and it will use the latest one. View All Tags Delete a Tag Delete a Tag […]