Create Magento Custom Frontend Route

To create a custom URL path (route) such as, use the following as a guide. This assumes you already have created a custom module with your three initial files (registration.php, composer.json and etc/module.xml) using a module called YourNamespace_TestRoute. This was written with Magento (Adobe Commerce) version 2.4.5. 1. Create Route Config etc/frontend/routes.xml id=”test” will […]

Install Magento 2 on Mac OSX Running MAMP

Option 1: Install Magento 2 with Composer 1) Install Composer The first step is to install Composer if you haven’t already. 2) Install Magento Run the following to install the version of Magento you would like. In our example below we are installing version 2.3.4. Or run this to install the latest release… 3) Install […]