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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Go to Sign-up Sheets > Add New
  2. Fill in your sheet title and task information, then click “Publish”
  3. Visit your sheet on the frontend. Your SEO-friendly url will be automatically created and will display below the “title” you entered. (Example:

You can also create a listing page of all your active sheets by adding the [sign_up_sheet] shortcode to any post or page or using the “Sign-up Sheet” Gutenberg block.

No. You will not lose any information and will retain all of your current sign-up sheets and sign-ups.

If you have any questions, you can learn how to upgrade from Free to Pro on our support form or ask a question if you run into an issue by opening a new support forum topic

Yes, in Settings > Sign-up Sheets you can specify any email you want. It defaults to the email address set in Settings > General.

Learn more about confirmation email customizations.

  • In the WordPress Admin, go to Settings > Sign-up Sheets
  • Under the heading “Sign-up Form” and then ”Custom fields” you will find a row of fields with headings like “Name”, “Slug”, “Type”, etc.
  • Enter the text “Comments” under the field in the Name column
  • Under Slug you can leave it blank and it will be automatically generated. Or you can enter a value you want. This is not displayed on the front-end, but just identifies the field in the database.
  • Under Type select “Textarea”
  • Leave Options blank since this is not needed for a Textarea. However, if you are adding Checkbox, Radio or Select options you can enter each new option on a new line and they will display on the front-end
  • Under Sheets you can select “All” to display this new Comments field on all sheets or select one or more existing sheets if you only want it to display for certain ones.
  • Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom
  • Confirm by going to your sign-up sheet on the front-end and clicking the “Sign-up” link to view the form. You should now see a Comments textarea added to the bottom of the form.

Learn more about custom fields.

Custom Task Fields (on the Sign-up Sheet) are fields that appear when you create or edit a sheet in the admin on each task that you create. They are for display purposes only on the front-end.

Custom Sign-up Fields (on the Sign-up Form) are fields that the users fill out on the front-end of the form they use to sign-up for an open spot.

Learn more about custom fields

The license will expire 1 year from date of purchase and will require a renewal to maintain ongoing updates and support. However, the plugin should continue to work even with an expired license although may not support newer version of WordPress or other plugins or theme updates that could pose compatibility issues with an older version of the Sign-up Sheets plugin. An active license is recommended to allow you to keep the plugin up to date for future bug fixes and feature improvements.

For FREE user, please use the Support Forum at

For PRO users, please use our Pro Support Forum or send us a message from the Contact Us page.

To suggest a few feature or update, please post it on our Suggestions Forum. We appreciate any and all feedback, but can’t guarantee it will make it into the next version. If you are in need a modification immediately, we are available for hire. Please contact us and we can provide a quote.

Your task date has passed.  Updating the task date to a future date will correct this. This is specific to sheets that use a date set on the task as opposed to the sheet.

It’s a simple form of captcha/spam protection.  You can replace this with a stronger version called reCAPTCHA or disable all protection by selecting “disable all captcha” within the “Captcha and Spam protection” tab under settings.

Yes.  You can remove all protection by selecting “disable all captcha” within the “Captcha and Spam protection” tab under settings. This is also available to the Free version users as of version 2.1+ of the plugin.

This is typically due to a cache issue. Learn more about caching and the Sign-up Sheets plugin

Reminder emails are only sent if someone accesses the site the day of the scheduled reminder email.  The WordPress cron depends on someone visiting the site in order to trigger the cron job.  For sites with lower traffic, it’s usually recommended they setup a more precise cron system on their web server that can run the WordPress cron in the event that no users access the site.

Learn more about Reminder Emails.

Check out the Mail Sending Troubleshooting page for some details on how to debug and resolve this.

If your sheets appear missing after upgrading from a version older than version 2.1, there was likely an error during the data migration which can be corrected by re-running the data migration. Under Sign-up Sheets > Settings > Advanced, click the “Re-run v2.1 Data Migration” button.

To edit the template files, please reference the following guide: Sign-up Sheets Pro: Overriding Templates in Your Theme

The Sign-up Sheets WordPress Plugin (both Free and Pro) require a minimum version of PHP 5.5+ although it’s strongly recommended to run on PHP 7.4+ (similar to the WordPress System Requirements).  The plugin has been tested up to PHP version 8.3.