Sign-up Sheets Pro Changelog

  • Sanitized listing title
  • Fixed debugging on tasks


  • Added feature to allow showing the names and count of filled spots on a task on the Edit Sheet screen in the admin

  • Fixed "Clear Spot" nonce error on individual links in admin "Manage Sign-ups" pages
  • Fixed custom task fields that are set on only specific sheet IDs so they are visible on sheet edit screen
  • Updated translations to account for words generated within confirmation email as well as cleaned up some html from other various translatable strings
  • Updated email template notes on Settings page to include available variables
  • Removed use of FontAwesome in admin

  • Updated single sheet pages to stay active even after sheet date passes instead of throwing a 404 error
  • Fixed sorting/expanding of sections on Settings page (compatibility with WP 5.5)
  • Fixed Spot Lock availability check specificity to prevent counting more spots filled than there should be
  • Fixed error message if deleting a task that has at least one spot already taken

  • Updated sheet and task display pages to greatly improve theme compatibility. Deprecated single-dlssus_sheet.php and single-dlssus_task.php
  • Updated Settings page custom fields Sheet selection multi-dropdown to allow searching as well as easier viewing of long sheet names
  • Fixed "Use task dates" checkbox compatibility with WP 5.5
  • Fixed migration to account for zero max_execution_time where migration shows stuck at 0%
  • Fixed styling of Settings page for WP 5.5 compatibility
  • Added .dls-sus-spot-num CSS class around spot number on sign-up sheet page.

  • Updated sheet listing on frontend to run faster with larger datasets
  • Fixed SUS Manager Role
  • Fixed ability to signup for private sheet
  • Fixed mailcheck to only load script when enabled
  • Fixed compact mode throwing PHP fatal error in some setups
  • Fixed error messages if you try to remove a task with signups or reduce it to less than the current number of signups
  • Updated to add compatibility for PHP 5.4+ for legacy customers
  • Added support for Virtue theme by Kadence WP

  • Fixed important bug where when emptying the sign-up sheet trash it would delete tasks/signups from active sheets
  • Fixed bug with rewrites not flushing causing Sheet pages to throw a 404
  • Fixed issue getting additional task data in certain circumstances

  • Added ability for users who are logged in when they sign up to remove themselves from a spot by using a "Remove" link next to the sign-up on the frontend
  • Added saving of user id on signup as a meta field
  • Added checkboxes on Manage Sign-ups for clearing spots
  • Added nonces on sign-up form and manage signups page for improved security
  • Added auto-fill of first name, last name and email for users who are logged in (remember me feature overrides these values when set)
  • Fixed bug with shortcode using category_slug and category_id
  • Fixed archive template for categories

  • Fixed copy sheet functionality
  • Fixed bug with using id attribute of shortcode for post-2.1.x version sheets
  • Fixed bug on settings page not allowing expanding of sections for some users

  • Fixed migration duplication bug
  • Added performance enhancements and logging for the migration
  • Updated deprecated code


  • Improved theme compatibility with WP Themes
  • Added theme support for the following themes... Divi, Petal, Jevelin, Enfold
  • Added POT file to allow translations
  • Fixed PHP Notice on Compact Mode
  • Fixed admin update notices
  • Updated export to not be called directly
  • Cleaned up codebase

  • Fixed broken Settings URL
  • Updated linking to Fetch Designs

  • Fixed PHP notices


  • Added category and address fields to CSV exports
  • Added mailcheck to try and alert for possible mis-typed email addresses
  • Added support for clearing sheet cache when a sign-up is added if using W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache
  • Added ability for signups to be exported via built in WordPress export feature
  • Updated task tables in admin to be more responsive for smaller screens
  • Updated CSS/JS to only be called on pages running SUS content
  • Fixed date display on sign-up form if using task dates
  • Fixed date fields mixup between task and sheet dates on export
  • Fixed sorting by sheet date in admin grid
  • Fixed custom fields and override text from adding slashes on apostrophes and quotes
  • Fixed plugins page Settings link and Re-run migration button for sites running in a subfolder
  • Fixed PHP Notices on 404 pages when spot lock is enabled
  • Fixed copying of tasks in admin to properly duplicate custom task field values (textarea, checkbox, radio)
  • Fixed signup submit button to help prevent double submission if double clicked

  • Fixed syntax error on PHP versions earlier than 5.3
  • Fixed timepicker conflict with certain plugins
  • Fixed slowness in admin for some users

  • Fixed migrate prepare


  • Fixed removal link output and added confirmation prior to removal
  • Fixed datepicker formatting and default value
  • Fixed task/headers from not always incrementing properly on save causing some to be ignored
  • Fixed license check issues and removed frontend license message
  • Added ability to extend plugin to add custom task actions


  • Updated default sheet sort order to use task end date.
  • Updated signup removal process to use hook instead of remove.php file.
  • Added option to set sheet sort order. Post ID or date.
  • Fixed javascript split error shown on some admin pages.
  • Fixed license not found error on sheet page.


  • Updated to use custom post types for sheets, tasks and signups (includes a lot of the newly added features)
  • Updated admin icon to use icon font
  • Added a Spot Lock option to hold spots for users while they are filling out their signup form
  • Added post statuses for sheets
  • Added ability to schedule publishing of sheets
  • Added WordPress friendly template files for sheets
  • Added SEO friendly URLs for sheets (
  • Fixed XSS security bug
  • Fixed status email so dates display when available
  • Fixed php warning when submitting sign-up with blank task date
  • Fixed bug preventing postboxes from opening/closing
  • Fixed task date range from displaying if one or more tasks has no date


  • Updated task datepicker to remember dates between rows
  • Added outgoing reminder message to the sheet settings
  • Added outgoing confirmation message to the sheet settings
  • Added ability to copy task rows when creating or editing sheets
  • Added ability to clear all sign-ups with on click
  • Added ability to add a heading row in the tasks list
  • Fixed issue with copied rows not saving data
  • Fixed issue with update message not showing in Twenty Fifteen Theme
  • Fixed issue with sign up section taking up too many columns


  • Fixed sheet WYSIWYG output error


  • Fixed issue with update notifications not displaying.
  • Fixed issue with cancellation email not displaying custom message.


  • Added feature to allow users to sign up for multiple tasks on a sheet at once
  • Fixed spacing between checkboxes and labels on custom sign-up fields
  • Fixed filters after status_email processes


  • Added ability to prevent users from signing up more than once for the same task
  • Added ability to prevent users from signing up for a task if they have already signed up for the task directly before or after
  • Added Email Test form on Help page
  • Added honeypot on sign-up form
  • Fixed PHP notice when saving sign-up with a multiple checkbox custom field

  • Fixed timezone bug on Settings page


  • Added ability to mark custom sign-up fields to display results on frontend
  • Added Help section
  • Fixed missing Sign-up Sheets menu conflict with some plugins
  • Fixed ascii characters in site title in emails
  • Fixed custom checkboxes remembering submission if error occurs
  • Fixed required custom field checkboxes from blocking form submission
  • Fixed sign-up form incorrectly submitting to HTTPS on certain servers
  • Fixed calendar popup on newly added tasks
  • Update "Settings" link location to be under Sign-up Sheets menu item


  • Added ability to set custom fields as required
  • Added option to expand Additional Settings by default
  • Fixed HTML validation errors
  • Fixed PHP warning on sign-up form when WP_DEBUG is enabled

  • Fixed PHP warning in admin when editing sheet
  • Fixed custom task fields showing up on all sheet in edit screen


  • Added custom task fields
  • Added visual editor to sheet details
  • Added ability to change the task title label
  • Added ability to edit removal confirmation email content
  • Updated settings page for a cleaner look and feel
  • Updated categories selection box to be hidden if none are created
  • Fixed bug where trashed sheets were showing up on Export All
  • Fixed fatal error if activating Pro before deactivating the free version


  • Added ability to display sheets in compact view
  • Added ability to edit reminder email content
  • Fixed date in confirmation email to display task date if applicable rather than sheet date
  • Fixed admin menu icon


  • Added task date to sign-up form if applicable
  • Updated export all to allow getting larger amounts of data for certain setups
  • Fixed copy functionality to included additional sheet fields and categories as well as recent bug that prevented tasks from being copied
  • Fixed sheet fields table so empty records are removed
  • Fixed Sign-up Sheets Manager Role from throwing permissions issue on Profile page
  • Fixed PHP Notices


  • Fixed security bug with Remember Me


  • Added option to set dates on the task level instead of the entire sheet for display and reminders
  • Added sheet specific settings options for phone/address fields
  • Added ability to assign custom fields to only specific sheets
  • Added option to display all user data on sign-ups on the frontend
  • Added optional "remember me" checkbox on the sign-up form
  • Updated styles on add/remove task indicators in admin
  • Fixed HTML special characters from displaying in email headers and in plaintext emails
  • Fixed empty table cell width on View Sign-up Sheets page in admin
  • Fixed sheets not expiring when called directly
  • Fixed database update check


  • Added ability to have specific BCC's per sheet
  • Fixed call to missing image in admin
  • Fixed random PHP Notices thrown in admin
  • Fixed sporadic issue with emails not being sent after updating to Pro
  • Updated code comments


  • Added ability to create global custom fields on the sign-up form


  • Added fields to allow adding customer name and email address to confirmation email
  • Added CSS classes to backlinks
  • Added version to stylesheet
  • Updated signup form CSS to be more responsive-friendly
  • Fixed displaying multiple shortcodes on a page where id is specified
  • Fixed backlink from displaying on shortcodes where id is specified
  • Fixed missing domain for text translations


  • Added ability to edit confirmation email
  • Fixed missing asterisk on simple captcha


  • Fixed bug where trashed sheets with no date specified would display on frontend
  • Fixed bug where trashed individual sheet pages were available on the frontend


  • Added options for the front-end display name for signed up users


  • Added ability to have more than one [sign-up-sheet] shortcode on one page
  • Added ability to set list title to the category name by adding shortcode option list_title_is_category=true


  • Fixed sheets disappearing before the end of day on date of event
  • Fixed bug that disallowed leaving the date field blank


  • Added optional event reminders
  • Fixed security bug on export
  • Fixed sheet edit screen to prevent the quantity of available tasks from being decreased below the number of current signups
  • Fixed default email subject display in Settings
  • Fixed "No, Thanks" link on sign-up form


  • Fixed export file header row
  • Fixed bug with database phone and address fields default value
  • Fixed possible plugin conflicts when using reCAPTCHA
  • Updated creating of token so it occurs on every signup
  • Updated reCAPTCHA base functions to prevent conflicts with other plugins using similar library
  • Added date_created to each signup in DB
  • Added brackets around removal link to help prevent line breaks killing the link
  • Added check and confirmation button for possible duplicate sign-ups on the same task


  • Fixed bug with category filtering