These are the steps you can follow to transfer your client’s domains from your eNom account to ResellerClub.


  • Go to Domains > My Domains
  • Click on the domain you want to transfer.
  • Edit “Contact Information” to use an email that you can access (this is temporary for verification purposes so you won’t have to rely on your client to verify the transfer) (optional)
  • Go to “General Settings” on the domain
  • Disable “Registrar Lock” and save
  • Request the EPP Code by clicking the “Email Auth Info to Registrant” link


  • Go to Products > Domain Registration > Transfer
  • Login with the customer account to which you want to assign the domain
  • Enter the domain name and the EPP Code you got from the email previously
  • Select to activate the order but don’t create the invoice (optional) and click “Process Order(s)”
    Reseller Club - Process Transfer
  • Once order is successful, click “continue managing order” to be taken to the control panel page to manage your order.
  • Wait for email to authorize as the domain administrator.  Until then you will see this screen.
    ResellerClub - Transfer Pending Domain Administrator Approval
  • Once approved you will need to wait for the current registrar to approve the transfer.  You should have received an email after approving the last step that reads…

    “This Request has been sent to the Registry. This Request will be processed within the next 5 days. The current Domain holder may receive an email from the Current Registrar to approve this Renewal Request. Please follow the steps highlighted in that email immediately in order to process this Renewal Request.”

    If you use a host like HostGator you may need to wait up to 5 days.  Some companies may allow you requesting that they approve the transfer more quickly in which case you can contact them and request that they approve it.  If not you just need to sit back and wait and follow any instructions if you receive any from your current registrar.  Until then your control panel for the domain at Reseller Club will look like this…
    ResellerClub - Transfer Pending Registrar Approval


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