Use Mandrill to Send Mail on Mac Localhost via Postfix

If sending mail via your localhost is unreliable or not working, try setting up postfix to use an SMTP account through Mandrill.  You can essentially use any SMTP account, but Mandrill has nice features that allow better monitoring of messages and if they are being delivered. Edit the postfix config file. Add the following settings to […]

Filter by Multiple Taxonomies with SEO-Friendly URLs in WordPress

Note: The rule with pagination needs to come first otherwise it will use the non-page rewrite rule. Extensions for Testing These extensions are helpful for testing during development of your rewrites.  Once you have completed development and everything is rewriting as desired these extensions can be removed. Monkeyman Rewrite Analyzer Monkeyman Rewrite Analyzer allows you […]

Dump & Import a MySQL Database

The below statements assume some options are being used such as –add-drop-table, –add-locks and gzip compression.  These are optional. Dump Database NOTES: –single-transaction and –quick are added to prevent taking down a site when dumping a large DB (thanks to this post) –routines=true tells the dump to include store procedures, if applicable Import Database View […]

Setup Git on Remote Server

Rather than FTPing all your updates to your remote development or production server, you can also set up the server to access your remote Git repository and update the site with a simple git command. This way you will ensure all the files have been updated to the exact branch version needed.  Below are instructions […]

Check Space Usage on Linux Server

Quick Overview Quickly check the used vs free space on your server. Sample Result Find Largest Files/Folders Quickly hunt down your biggest space suckers by using this to find your 10 largest files and folders (change 10 to the number of your choice). Sample Result Tip: try changing -hxa to -hxs to “summarize” the results […]

Setup Fresh CentOS Linux Web Server

Create User Create New SSH User and add to Sudoers File This will create the user, setup the password and open up the sudoers file for editing. Add your new user below the line where the “root” user is defined. Setup Public/Private Key Pair This is optional, but is a good idea. @see Add […]

Stuff to Fix After Updating Mac OSX or Restoring From a TimeMachine Backup

These are steps I needed to perform after moving to a new machine and restoring it from a TimeMachine backup. Restore Apache and PHP Settings Restore httpd.conf and php.ini files. Fix Apache You should also run the following to see if there are any other errors and fix as needed Fix PHP You should also test […]

Tag Your Git Repo with Version

Git offers a feature called tagging which allows you to mark spots on your repository with version numbers so you can go back to specific versions easily. Add a Tag For example… The hash can also be left off and it will use the latest one. View All Tags Delete a Tag Delete a Tag […]