Convert Unordered List to Select Navigation with jQuery

If you have an list of links in an unordered list, it’s easy to convert them to a select dropdown with this little chunk of code below. This will allow your navigation to work with or without JavaScript as they will gracefully degrade to an unordered list of links. Add this to your JavaScript file… […]

How to Setup a LAMP Stack on CentOS

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use yourdomain.tdl as our domain.  Anytime you see something like {yourdomain.tdl} or anything similar enclosed in curly braces, please replace with the text specific for your setup. Install Apache Server on CentOS Install [code]yum install httpd[/code] Set to startup Apache on boot [code]chkconfig –levels 235 httpd on[/code] […]

Install Magento on localhost – Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks

This tutorial assumes you have already set up your mac to use your httpd-vhosts.conf file and have MySQL and PHP running.  Also, if you run into an error that says you need mcrypt, try following this tutorial on How to Install mcrypt for php on Mac OSX Lion 10.8 & 10.7 Development Server (it also works […]

Fix for “Failed to connect to FTP Server localhost:21” with WordPress on Mac

If you are trying to run an update via the WordPress admin installed locally on your Mac you may have run into the error “Failed to connect to FTP Server localhost:21”. This is possibly caused by ownership and permissions issues on the files. When you installed your WordPress site it may have been owned by yourusername:staff […]

How To Develop Your First iPhone App

Thinking about developing apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and not sure where to start?  Tell me about it!  Here is some advice from a programmer’s perspective. Brief Overview Apps for iOS are written in Objective-C which is the C programming language, but with extra stuff stuck onto it to make it an OOP […]

Hide Keyboard on Button Click in iOS

So, you’re developing an iOS app for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.  Say you have a few textfields and nice little Round Rect button to submit the user’s input. Unfortunately, after the user enters the last field they don’t click “Done” on the keyboard.  In fact, they have the nerve to just click your […]

Determine MySQL Version via Command Line

Want to find out what version MySQL you are running using only your command line interface? This one is super easy. Log in to MySQL (replace “root” with your username of choice or keep as root) mysql -u root -p Enter your password when prompted Run the following statement SHOW VARIABLES LIKE “%version%”; Your output […]

PHP Tips to Display Errors, Warnings and Notices

Adding these two little lines at the top of your code can often solve a world of questions you have on why your code isn’t working. Make sure they are placed at the very top right after the opening <?php tag. If anything is output before them it will not work properly. Another helpful tool […]

How to Fix Slow Product Saves in Magento

In earlier versions of Magento you may have noticed that saving products is horribly slow especially as your site grows.  This problem originates from a bug in MySQL 5 (bug #42259) where using “IN” can dramatically decrease performance.  This appears to have been corrected in Magento 1.7.x.  However, if upgrading isn’t an option for you […]

Selectively Dump Data with mysqldump

You can dump part of a table using the mysqldump in command line.  The command is… The “-t” flag will suppress the “DROP” and “CREATE” commands so you will be left with a clean “INSERT” statement that you can load where ever needed. You can also use a shortcut for the “where” by using just […]