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    I have a signup sheet for 31 days. I want to allow any number of people to signup but don’t want to show many lots of spaces per day. Is there a way to do that? For example, when someone signs up for August 1, I would like another spot to open automatically rather than show a spot for a specific max number of people who can signup per day. Currently, when I don’t specify the # of spots it defaults to 1.


    Fetch Designs

    Hi Bill,

    Currently, the # of spots always needs to be 1 or more. However, one options that might help is you can set that as a large number (such as 100, for example) and then enable “Compact Mode” on that sheet which only shows one row per task. This will allow people to keep signing up without taking up a lot of space on your sign-up sheet screen.

    To enable “Compact Mode” on an individual sheet…

    1. Edit the sheet in the admin and expand the “Additional Settings” at the bottom
    2. Set “Compact Sign-ups” to “true”

    To enable “Compact Mode” as the global default on your site…

    1. In the admin, go to… Sign-up Sheets > Settings
    2. Expand “Sign-up Sheet” section
    3. Check the box for “Show All Sheets in Compact Sign-up Mode”

    If that doesn’t solve your issue and you would still be interested in a way to set no max number of spot, please let me know and I can add you to be notified on the wishlist if this feature is ever included in the plugin. If you are in need of this feature ASAP, let me know by sending a request through the contact form and I can send you a quote for developing this feature right away for you.


    Thanks for the reply. I’m considering options but your suggestions were helpful.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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